Best stethoscope for doctors is the Littmann cardiology III stethoscope

One famous medical professor told her students that the best thing they can ever do for their patients is to get a good stethoscope.

This is a device that you will use more than others and carry it around at all times .
There is strict criteria that we have used in selecting the best stethoscope for doctors- as there are many models that are currently in the market. We have looked at the audio quality which is the most important aspect of any stethoscope. In order to do your job of saving lives well , you know that you want to be able to hear the slightest crackles and murmurs.

One of the other things we also pay attention to is whether the stethoscope is comfortable. You will be using it for years and hanging it around your neck. So you want one with soft ear pieces and one that is not too heavy .

The other thing we focus on is the quality. You need a device that will be around for a while. Some of the disposable no name brand steths will last you a few months before they start falling apart.

One of the questions you also want to answer is whether you are mostly going to deal with children or adults in your profession. These two require different type of steths.

Finally the question of budget is important. If you are a struggling medical school student , your budget is not the same as a doctor or cardiologist.

So when the question is asked about what is the best stethoscope for doctors , using the above criteria – it is pretty easy to pick one- the Littmann cardiology III stethoscope is hands down the best one for doctors and surgeons.

Newborn gorilla in Australia showing surprise at the coldness of the stethoscope

The audio quality is simply better than any other stethoscope that we have tested. It picks up minor murmurs that other stethoscopes do not pick up. This is great especially for those who have slight hearing problems. It is much better than the next best Classic II SE.

“ Very good acoustics. ” Elizabeth Abadilla | 13 reviewers made a similar statement

One of the things we like is that the two tubes eradicate the noise artifact that is produced when two tubes touch each other. This stethoscope also features a solid stainless steel chest piece, non chill rims.

On the question of whether the Cardi iii works for adults or children we have a great answer.It has two tunable diaphragms – one for adults and one for pediatric use. SO one can listen to high and low frequency sounds . To switch from adult to pediatric just rotate the stem of the chest piece.

Remember one of our criteria is whether the ear pieces are comfortable or not. The Cardi iii has soft sealing ear tips which are comfortable for use.

Littmann Stethoscope iii Product Features
Size: One Size | Color: Black

Overall acoustic performance (1-10 scale) 9
Main application areas; cardiology/high performance
Chestpiece design and technology; machined stainless steel two-sided tunable
Headset material; wide diameter aerospace alloy
Diaphragm details; two tunable diaphragms 1.7″/4,3 cm

The stethoscope comes with with a five year warranty.The Cardi iii is priced well and provides great value and quality. It costs about $150 which some people say is high. But it beats buying less– than-great stethoscope only to replace it a year or hear a lot less.

Customer reviews

The Cardi iii is hands down the most raved about stethoscope in the market. It comes with rave reviews from many who have acquired it. Very few negative reviews could be found.

“ I can hear murmurs and lung sounds so much better now. ” Adam M. Maciver | 17 reviewers made a similar statement

“ I had to replace my old Littmann Cardiology II /stethoscope with this one, and I’m pleased to say that I’m am very pleased with it’s performance so far. ” gigiscreativity | 9 reviewers made a similar statement

One of the things we dont like about Cardi iii is that after about five years the tubing can get stiff. However this is a problem with all stethoscopes and can be easily resolved with buying a vinyl protector.


The Cardi IiI will provide you with superior auscultation and durability. For an average price this is one of the best stethoscopes for doctors in the market today.

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